Maestro of the moving image


Berlin artist Philipp Geist is the man behind the mesmerising projection art of ‘Waterworks’. With more than 21 years’ experience of creating large-scale installations, exhibitions and audio-visual projects across the world, he is no stranger to working with innovative orchestras and musicians: he’s collaborated with the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra at the Sónar Festival, and with composers such as Max Richter. ‘Working with the Baltic Sea Philharmonic inspired me from the start,’ said Philipp, ‘because of the energy of the orchestra and the appeal of the musical programme.’

How did he approach such a large-scale project as ‘Waterworks’? ‘The challenge is to enter into a dialogue with the music and visually grasp, accompany and reinforce it. My work is also site-specific, so I take into account the character of the different venues, as well as the music itself.’ Like the lighting designer for ‘Waterworks’, Bertil Mark, Philipp created his visuals in real time. ‘I have individual building blocks that I can modify and use to put different scenes together, but I decide the exact composition in the moment,’ he explained. ‘I use small cameras that I position in the orchestra to capture details and integrate them into my work. From this I develop live content and convey the dynamics and movement of the music.’ The wonderful results speak for themselves – as you’ll see for example on our Facebook and Instagram pages or our blog.

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