We regularly audition talented musicians from across the Baltic Sea region in order to renew and refresh the pool of outstanding players who perform with us on tour. This year, with our Talent Tour 2019, we are making exciting changes to the way we audition: musicians will not only be able to show us their talent by playing a solo piece, but in a new second round of the audition process they can join a full rehearsal with the entire orchestra. Kristjan and a panel of Baltic Sea Philharmonic principal musicians will together decide which applicants have the talent and personality to thrive in the orchestra.

The Talent Tour 2019will run alongside the ‘Nordic Pulse’ and ‘Midnight Sun’ tours, with Talent Days taking place in Palanga (8 March), Riga (13 March), Tallinn(15 March), Helsinki(18 March), St. Petersburg (19 March) and Berlin(27 June). The Talent Days in Helsinki, St. Petersburg and Berlin will be first-round auditions only, but all applicants are welcome to visit the orchestra’s dress rehearsal on the day before the audition. And because the Talent Tour 2019 will be held as open auditions, all interested musicians can listen to the first-round auditions and joint orchestra rehearsals, even if they themselves are not auditioning.

For more information, including details about eligibility, procedure, repertoire, dates, locations and how to apply, see the Talent Tour 2019 page on our website

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