Beethoven is one of our heroes! He stood for innovation and breaking down musical barries. In the same vein, the Baltic Sea Philharmonic & Kristjan Järvi are a collective of individuals, a group of friends, who are fearless in what we do. By pushing boundaries and overcoming obstacles, we aim to empower people both on and off stage.

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New CD

Out now – Reawakening the Sleeping Beauty story

We’re excited to announce that the Baltic Sea Philharmonic’s new album Sleeping Beauty is released  on Sony Classical. The recording sees Kristjan Järvi conducting the orchestra in his own arrangement of Tchaikovksy’s fairytale ballet. Condensing and transforming the near three-hour score into a dramatic symphony of around 70 minutes, Kristjan gives new life to this most iconic of theatre music compositions. He believes that masterworks such as Sleeping Beauty have lost some of their appeal in the theatre world with the evolution of technology, and says: ‘Great music will always remain great music, but it constantly needs to be updated and modernised, not only interpreted. Making a dramatic symphony from a ballet is a step in this direction of constant reinvention.’

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Humans of
Baltic Sea Philharmonic

The Future of the Baltic Sea

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